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Dr. Kasliwal’s ENT Centre has been treating its patients for almost five decades in Jaipur. Dr. Neeraj Kasliwal, has been practicing otolaryngology for last 30 years and takes pride in providing the best care in treating ear, nose and throat problems.


Ear Treatments

Ear problems are rampant today – be it infection, hearing loss, blocked ears, discharge from ears or other problems. And age is no bar. Infants as young as one month old or the elderly as old as 90 years can all fall prey to ear problems.

Your ear has three main parts: outer, middle and inner ear.

Sound waves come in through your outer ear. They reach your middle ear, where they make your eardrum vibrate. The vibrations are transmitted through three tiny bones, called ossicles, in your middle ear. The vibrations travel to your inner ear, a snail-shaped organ. The inner ear makes the nerve impulses that are sent to the brain. Your brain recognizes them as sounds.

The inner ear also controls balance.

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Nose Treatments

We provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of nasal and sinus disorders including a temporary cold or a septum. We identify the root cause of the problem and plan treatment accordingly.

The other complaints with the nose can be nosebleeds, certain blockage, inhalant allergies etc. Nose processes the air before it travels through your lung. Nose is the body’s primary organ of smell and the major part of the respiratory system in our body. No one likes to breathe via stuffy nose as it can be annoying. A blocked nose is caused by swollen blood vessels in the sinuses. The main cause of this congestion may be cold, allergies or a sinus infection. Nose surgery can treat sinus (Chronic rhinosinusitis) problems. Sinus surgery is often needed to correct issues related to sinusitis and the removal of nasal polyps.

Relieve your throat from pain, itchiness or an irritation. Advanced Endoscopic examination of throat for voice related problems and throat cancer screening is performed under specialist care.
Throat surgery is a treatment of diseases of oral cavity, throat, vocal cord, and larynx. It will be done with the help of microscope and laser.
Surgery is the preferred treatment for early-stage throat cancers. The throat is comprised of the pharynx and the larynx. For advanced stage or recurrent throat cancer, we may combine surgery with other forms of treatment, such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

ENT Specialists

Our doctors

Dr Neeraj Kasliwal

Dr. Neeraj Kasliwal


Dr Neeraj Kasliwal completed his Master in Surgery (Otorhinolaryngology) from prestigious SMS Medical College Jaipur and joined the centre in 1989. With over 80+ Cochlear Implant (Highest in private practice in Rajasthan) and over 1000+ Coblation Adenotonsillectomy (Highest in Rajasthan) to his credit, he has now equipped the centre with all the state of the art technology available in the world like Nerve Monitor, Coblation Technology, Image Guided Navigation, which has now become a norm.

Dr. Anirudh Kasliwal


Dr Anirudh Kasliwal completed his Master of Surgery (Otorhinolaryngology) in 2017 and topped the ENT Department. He has numerous national and international publications to his credit and has presented scientific paper and poster in national conferences. He has attended various Hands on Courses to achieve a better understanding of the complexities of a surgery and to gain knowledge. His interest lies towards field of Laryngology, Snoring and Sleep Apnea clinic and Surgery and Head and Neck surgery.

Dr. Ashwath Kasliwal


Dr Ashwath Kasliwal completed his Master of Surgery (Otorhinolaryngology) from Jawahar Lal Nehru Medical College, KLE University , Belagaum. He presented a scientific paper in Rhinocon 2016 and won a gold medal. He has publications to his credit in various National Journals. He has attended many workshops to hone his surgical skills so that he can give utmost care to the patient. His interest lies towards Endoscopic Ear Surgery, Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery and Rhinoplasty.
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